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Labour shortage continues to impact on industry

22/03/2019 - Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec sector organisation which represents the meat processing sector in Ireland, has confirmed that availability of labour remains a major issue for meat processing

UK proposed tariffs threatens Irish meat exports

13/03/2019 - Meat Industry Ireland, the Ibec group that represents the meat processing sector in Ireland, has said that the UK Government’s proposed approach on tariffs and import quotas in a No-Deal Hard

Automated Carcase Grading System in Ireland

12/03/2019 - The automated carcase grading system that is in operation in Ireland is the most comprehensive approach to ensuring objective and consistent beef carcase classification according to the European

Imposition of tariffs would damage Irish agri-food exports

19/02/2019 - Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec sector organisation representing the meat processing industry in Ireland today said that the suggestion of the imposition of import tariffs by the UK as alluded

MII Statement on EAT – Lancet Report

16/01/2019 - Responding to the publication of the EAT-Lancet Commission report, Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec trade association representing the meat processing sector stated “there is extensive

MII condemns disruption to meat processing operations.

28/12/2018 - Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec group representing the meat processing sector in Ireland, has today strongly criticised the ongoing disruption to normal processing operations in a number of

Comprehensive inspection regime already in place

21/12/2018 - Meat Industry Ireland (MII) today said that “there is a comprehensive official inspection regime in place to ensure the highest standards of compliance with the EU beef carcase dressing

Suckler Beef Herd integral to the Irish Beef Story

26/10/2018 - Irish beef is listed with more retailers than beef from any other country in the world. Over the last decade or so, huge efforts have been made to increase the penetration of Irish beef with key

MII statement ahead of October 2018 Beef Forum meeting

03/10/2018 - Commenting in advance of the Beef Forum on Wednesday (3rd October, 2018), MII Senior Director Cormac Healy said that "MII has, in challenging periods in the past, never failed to respond to

MII refutes criticism of industry on beef price performance

02/10/2018 - “Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Ibec group which represents the meat processing sector has said that recent criticism of beef processors on beef price performance fails to recognise the strong

No Deal Brexit could cripple trade

03/09/2018 - “Obviously a No Deal Brexit is the worst case scenario for Irish beef, the wider meat sector and indeed the whole of the Irish agri-food sector. It would plunge us into a situation of WTO tariffs

Exchange rate fluctuations impacting competitiveness

27/08/2018 - “The euro-sterling exchange rate continues to put pressure on the competitiveness of Irish meat exports to the UK. This is the main impact but we cannot forget that the weaker sterling also means

Quality Assured Irish Pork needs backing of business

27/08/2018 - “MII members are fully supportive of the Bord Bia QA Programme and almost 100% of the output from primary pigmeat processors is now quality assured product. MII members have worked with their

EID will be a positive step for the Sheep Sector

08/08/2018 - “Meat Industry Ireland (MII) has welcomed the announcement by Minister Creed of further details on the roll-out of full EID in the sheep sector. We believe it is an important next step in better

MII Statement on Beef Trade

05/07/2018 - “The latest European Commission beef price report shows the overall all-categories price paid to Irish farmers for cattle is 110% of the EU average. The overall Irish cattle price is third highest